Web hosting

In the jungle of web hosting providers and provider, it is not easy to determine the right provider for their own needs. Many web hosting providers compete with each other and differ not only in terms of price, but also in the type and scope of services offered. With the right information you will manage to make a suitable selection.

Web hosting has several components, which can be booked individually or completely. In most cases, one would like to apply for their own domain name and to also use some web space and other components to publish its website. The selected Provider registered then order the corresponding domain in the respective registration authority (eg DENIC).

Depending on whether it is a .de domain, a .com domain or one of the many other top-level domains, fall here at different fees per year. These are mostly to be paid in advance for one year. You can then book or in the respective contract package multiple domains and corresponding space on the provider’s server, as well as other additional services.

Web space – space for your data

Webspace is called the place of for storing your data, such as HTML pages, images, or content management system is available. The web space can range from a few hundred megabytes to several gigabytes – depending on what the booked package includes. For selection, it is good if you compare individual components together (for example number of inclusive domains, size of web space, number of databases, etc.).

E-mail – communication is essential

You can manage your account via a web interface and thereby create several e-mail addresses that run under the reserved domain extensions. Your own e-mail address is providing evidence not only your professionalism, but also serves your corporate branding.

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SEO Hosting – for a better ranking Part2

SEO Hosting includes various technical measures by which you can improve the ranking of the website. With SEO hosting brings you to what neglect other operator of a website: the technology. Because search engines are interested in also quite sure where a website is reachable. The key to the matters in SEO Hosting is the IP address.

Each site is assigned a specific IP address. This IP address is usually simplified to a domain, users can visit a website. Since there are a large number of networks and an even larger number of sites, an appropriate amount of IP addresses is necessary, divided into different classes.

As anyone who gets what SEO is knows that backlinks are important for a good ranking. Unfortunately, like Google and Co. it is not too much if many backlinks from the same IP address, so the same server refer to another website. The suspicion is – and anyone familiar with SEO Hosting and Co., that the links have been created only to improve the rankings. And such manipulations do not even want Google unfortunately.

How can the SEO hosting help here? Quite simply, by adding to its server and not only rents one IP address, but several. Depending on the size of the SEO hosting package 1-20 own IP addresses are possible. In theory, it can be much more of course. Who wants to improve the ranking of their website by artificial backlinks, may be any IP address to create your own website and link from it to the target page.

Since the addresses are different from the address of the destination page, the search engines do not recognize the manipulations by the SEO hosting and evaluate the page therefore much better. So you can greatly improve its ranking in the search engines without natural links.

SEO Hosting – for a better ranking

Search engine optimization has to do with content and links? That’s right. But who wants to free himself from countless competitors, for the rich not the usual measures for optimization. When it comes to choosing between number 10 and number 1 in 1 million hits, then SEO hosting is in demand. But what is SEO hosting anyway?

Many people deal with search engine optimization, without really knowing each trick. You write appropriate texts and put hardworking links and have no idea that there is such a thing as SEO hosting. They are probably wondering for months why they can not crack the ranking in the last three or four places and add at some point the assumption that this is probably coincidence, fate or simply can not be changed.

But that’s not true because SEO Hosting can give its website the final touches and make the crucial spots in the rankings as well.

Of course, the above-mentioned optimization methods are the first that should be addressed. For SEO Hosting is effective, but it is considered rather than the “tip the scales”. This measure is not suitable to bring a website of 1,000 square number 1. You could use SEO hosting: If the page works once and corresponds to the basic rules of SEO, then SEO Hosting ensures that the page is optimized to the last detail.

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