SEO Hosting – for a better ranking Part2

SEO Hosting includes various technical measures by which you can improve the ranking of the website. With SEO hosting brings you to what neglect other operator of a website: the technology. Because search engines are interested in also quite sure where a website is reachable. The key to the matters in SEO Hosting is the IP address.

Each site is assigned a specific IP address. This IP address is usually simplified to a domain, users can visit a website. Since there are a large number of networks and an even larger number of sites, an appropriate amount of IP addresses is necessary, divided into different classes.

As anyone who gets what SEO is knows that backlinks are important for a good ranking. Unfortunately, like Google and Co. it is not too much if many backlinks from the same IP address, so the same server refer to another website. The suspicion is – and anyone familiar with SEO Hosting and Co., that the links have been created only to improve the rankings. And such manipulations do not even want Google unfortunately.

How can the SEO hosting help here? Quite simply, by adding to its server and not only rents one IP address, but several. Depending on the size of the SEO hosting package 1-20 own IP addresses are possible. In theory, it can be much more of course. Who wants to improve the ranking of their website by artificial backlinks, may be any IP address to create your own website and link from it to the target page.

Since the addresses are different from the address of the destination page, the search engines do not recognize the manipulations by the SEO hosting and evaluate the page therefore much better. So you can greatly improve its ranking in the search engines without natural links.